About Guy & Michelle 

Guy and Michelle are a husband and wife team, who believe in the concept of Dharma; right thought, right word, right action. They are heavily influenced by Buddhist and Hindu philosophy which underpins all aspects of their lives. Guy and Michelle are accomplished meditation teachers, spiritual guides and intuitive healers. They are passionate about nature's pharmacy, working with herbs, supplements and vitamins as well as incorporating their energy healing and intuitive counselling sessions to offer support for thier clients and students.


Guy & Michelle Present 

A discussion of Truth in an Age of Deceipt.

Alternating Saturday's 8pm - 10pm on Zoom

This session is for those interested in fringe topics relating to spirituality and global ascension. Join us for a frank discussion of conspiracy subject matter, including celebrity/Illuminati connections, extra-terrestrials, spiritual counsels, the battle between dark and light, global elite, the secret space program, underground bases, and more. These live zoom meetings are a great opportunity for like-minded people to come together for sharing knowledge that is often considered taboo.

Book online for each session so that you receive notifications. Donation $5 or use the code word DHARMA for free entry.