Meditation - Duration: 50 mins 

These classes are suitable for everyone, including beginners.
The ability to quiet the mind and direct the flow of wandering thoughts through concentration practice, decreases over thinking, improves sleep, lowers anxiety, enhances areas of the brain associated with well-being and decreases amygdala that is responsible for fear, anxiety and stress.

Kundalini Yoga (Tuesday 7pm)

For existing students. Commences 16th February 2o21. 

Facilitated by Swami Layananda, by invitation. 

 Yoga is a spiritual discipline, with the term referring to far more than a physical practise or exercise. In this class you will be taught and guided through spiritual techniques that activate the energetic body known as the chakra system and safely work with the kundalini energy that resides from within each of us.  Swami Layananada is trained in Kundalini Yoga  which is practised to the expand and liberate the mind and soul for the purpose of spiritual attainment. 

Yoga Classes - Duration 50 mins

These classes are suitable for everyone, including beginners.

Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonising the body, mind and emotions. This is done through the practices of asana (posture or pose), pranayama (breath work), mudra (gesture), bandha (lock technique), shatkarmas (cleansing techniques) and meditation (peaceful mind).

Saturday Morning Yoga - Extended Session Duration 90 mins

Suited to beginners to intermediates. Meditation is included in this session.

Saturday is the day to treat yourself to a longer more in-depth class which includes generous meditation time toward the end of class.


Thursday Spiritual Circle - Duration 1.5hrs

Suitable for all levels of ability, includes some extended silent meditation.

Facilitated by Guy & Michelle

(Seating provided. Social, friendly. Bring your own journal or notepad).

An intuitive class for the open minded.
Deeply rooted in ethical Eastern practices, our facilitators will engage you in spiritual teachings and guided meditations that are designed to uplift your spirits, improve your karma and take you on fascinating journeys to other dimensions! Teachings are channelled to suit the attendees. Classes include practises that are relaxing, hypnotic, shamanic and mystical in nature. Expect chanting, sound healing, crystals, faeries, animal spirits, ascended masters, chakra balancing, energy healing and more in this class.

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