Buddhist Meditation Basics 

 In this class, students will be tutored through the basics of meditation techniques, with an introduction to spiritual practices like visualisation, mantra, breathwork prayer, and affirmations. Suitable for beginners.


Vinyassa Foundation Class

A slower flow that breaks down the fundamentals of the practices.  A great class for beginners, or those who wish to deepen their knowledge about each asana (pose).

Vinyassa Slow Flow

A mindful, slower paced class to rebalance the mind and body.  Aspects of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga will be featured in this class, while linking movement to breath.  All levels are welcome to attend.

Vinayassa Power Flow

Focusing on energetic and quick flowing sequences, with a dynamic mix of postures.  Releasing stress, whilst increasing strength and gaining flexibility.  All levels welcome modifications are always offered.

Yin Yang Flow

Yin Yang flow is a creative way to explore both the yin and yang elements of yoga practice.  Each class represents a fusion of opening yin postures and dynamic full-body flows, shifting energy and freeing up your body, mind and spirit.

Meditation with Guy & Michelle - 90 mins

Thursday at 7 pm

 This class explores spiritual practise for the purpose of deep spiritual growth. Guy and Michelle use guided meditation for healing the group consciousness. This class usually begins with silent meditation, and spiritual teachings, followed by a guided meditation and closing with chanting. Many sessions are channeled to suit the participants in attendance, with techniques for personal transformation. Spiritual concepts such as compassion, enlightenment, and service to others are the foundations of this class. 

Sound Healing Class

In this class, participants listen to the harmonious sound of crystal healing bowls and a guided meditation. Many lay down for a restful experience. We offer this class at the end of the week, making for a great way to release and begin anew for the weekend!