Meditation Circle - Duration 60 mins

With Guy & Michelle - starts Term 2

Join Guy and Michelle, with their decades of experience as meditation teachers and spiritual practitioners. In this class, students will be tutored through the basics of meditation techniques, with an introduction to spiritual practices like visualisation, mantra, breathwork prayer and affirmations. Suitable for beginners.

Friday Morning Meditation - Duration: 60 mins 

These classes are suitable for everyone, including beginners.
The ability to quiet the mind and direct the flow of wandering thoughts through concentration practice, decreases over thinking, improves sleep, lowers anxiety, enhances areas of the brain associated with well-being and decreases amygdala that is responsible for fear, anxiety and stress.

Yoga Classes - Duration 60 mins

These classes are suitable for everyone, including beginners.

Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonising the body, mind and emotions. This is done through the practices of asana (posture or pose), pranayama (breath work), mudra (gesture), bandha (lock technique), shatkarmas (cleansing techniques) and meditation (peaceful mind).

Advanced Meditation with Guy & Michelle - Duration 120 mins

Suitable for intermediate to advanced - starts Term 2

This class explores spiritual practise for the purpose of deep spiritual growth. It involves extended silent and guided meditation practices, chanting, and healing techniques for personal transformation. Spiritual concepts such as compassion, enlightenment and service to others are the foundations of this class. 

Yoga Nidra- Duration 60 mins

Deep relaxation for everyone. 

Yoga Nidra or psychic sleep is one of the most beneficial and enhancing healing practices. In this deep relaxation practice, you lie in a comfortable position without movement. You are guided through a systematic process, using feeling and awareness, whilst the body sleeps, the mind rests, but you are awake.

Saturday Morning Yoga - Duration 90 mins

Suited to beginners to intermediates. 

Saturday morning Yoga is 90 minutes of self-indulgence, meditation & yoga. It is a vortex of energy where the whole body and mind are rejuvenated ready for the weekend.

Kids Dharma Class - Duration 60 mins

Suited to children ages 5+. 

Swami Layananda will share the magic of sound, fairies, crystals and yoga! This class will alternate between yoga, sound healing and other exciting activities.

Kundalini Yoga One (Monday 7pm) - Duration 90 mins

PRIVATE CLASS - No new students

Swami Layananda is trained in Kundalini Yoga, which expands and liberates the mind and soul for the purpose of spiritual attainment. You will be safely and systematically guided through specific practices to activate the energetic body of the chakra system. 
As Kundalini Yoga covers transcendental philosophy, yogic physiology and yogic psychology, preparation of the mind and body is necessary as groundwork for this class. Accordingly, students are required to be attending at least one other class. 
Kundalini student intake is only offered intermittently, as this is a closed class, to ensure a safe capsule for expansion. If this class sounds like something you wish to experience, please talk to Swami Layananda for details of the next new student intake.

Kundalini Yoga Two (Tuesday 7pm) - Duration 90 mins

PRIVATE CLASS - No new students

Students studying Kundalini Two have been attending this weekly class for over a year. The ancient Hindu Tantric teachings in this class are rarely taught in Western society. The teachings & practices are sequential, each weeks class relies on the prior teachings to have meaning, it is therefore not appropriate to accept new students. New students please don't miss the opportunity to join this class at Kundalini Yoga One on Mondays at 7pm. If this class sounds like something you wish to experience, please talk to Swami Layananda for details of the next new student intake.