Mentorship Workshops

Session: Gaining Confidence in your psychic or healing abilities.


This workshop has been developed to support your spiritual growth and improve your natural psychic abilities. With coaching and mentorship, this session will give you the confidence to trust your own intuition and apply yourself without hesitation.  


By connecting with others to shar our own passions and spiritual interests, we dig deep into our own knowing and activate our core talents and abilities. We discuss the mental see-saw of self-doubt that makes us question ourselves and the messages we receive for others. We learn how to expand a small message into one that offers detail and connection with others. 


Each session is facilitated by Guy and Michelle Dharma. Both have decades of experience as psychic and spiritual healing. They are passionate about supporting others to love this profession and to have the confidence to offer services to others. 


10am – 5pm Sunday April 24th

Temple Room, located at Rosebud Health Store


Guy Dharma
Energy Healer, Past Life Readings.
Researcher (Sacred Knowledge).


Michelle Dharma
Psychic, Spiritual Teacher (Buddhist)
Meditation and Healing.