What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is a natural and wholistic (mind-body) approach to health care utilising a fusion of science with traditional healing insights to support wellbeing. Naturopaths treat and prevent imbalances within, using a range of tools (nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle ideals and health education) to assist the body to restore its innate capacity to balance and heal. 


Naturopathy can be used for acute or chronic conditions as well as preventative care, for people of all ages: from children to the elderly, and together alongside conventional medical care.


At the Rosebud Health Store, we support patients to resolve a wide range of health states, in alignment with their body and nature, such as

Digestive disturbances

Low energy

Low mood

Disordered sleep

Hormonal imbalances

Stress + burn out

Allergies + food intolerances

Immune vulnerabilities

Emily Sarkies BHSc. (Naturopathy)

Clinic location: 879 Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud VIC 3939

Email: emily@rosebudhealthstore.com

Phone: 03 59861005

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


About our Naturopath

Emily is a degree educated Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Teacher with a background in Pharmacy. She recognises the importance of all systems of medicine and the need to uncover the best approach for the individual.

“Our health is our priority, it is our energy and vitality”

Emily has recently returned to Australia after 3 years as Senior Naturopath supporting Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, a world-class wholistic healing space working with patients from around the globe. She is looking forward to sharing valuable and sustainable wellbeing insights from this experience with our coastal community, developing a whole-body approach to compassionately restore balance within.

'Balance is also about losing balance. And trusting we can always return to our centre: our essential goodness and light'

At the Rosebud Health Store, Emily provides a nurturing and supportive space to understand her patients health story, uncover underlying causes of imbalance within and provide sustainable treatment plans via nutritional guidance, medicinal herbalism and natural remedies including lifestyle enhancement.

Emily is available for consultation, to support you with Naturopathy, Nutrition and Functional Medicine.