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Dharma Centre

In Eastern spiritual philosophy, Dharma is the moral foundation to a good life.

A Dharma Centre is a place for practitioners to come together, creating positive karma for the wellbeing of themselves and all others.


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Our classes have become our students daily practice, their 'sardna'. It anchors their physical, emotional, spiritual wellness. Our membership offers an affordable way to honour this practice.


Our Classes

Yoga in the Dharma Centre is slow, esoteric in nature, relaxing & rejuvinating.

To deepen our Yoga practice, we offer classes such as meditation, Yoga Nidra & Kundalini Yoga.


Kids Classes

Kids in the Dharma Centre share the magic of sound, fairies, crystals and yoga! More importantly, they learn life long habits in mediation, intuition, connection to self, personal well being.


Sound Healing

Sound Healing from the Tantras with Swami Layananda is a stunning experience. Let the ancient mantras & crystal bowls reverberate deep into your cells.

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Saturday Workshops

Saturday Workshops are spiritual development in all things, spiritual, psychic, healing, meditation, crystals. Morning workshops for beginners & afternoon workshops for those already practicing in the field.

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Special Events

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