Hindu Temple


Facilitated by Swami Layananda

Kundalini yoga is a practice belonging to the Tantric Tradition. Tantra means expansion and liberation of the mind. You will be guided through ancient Hindu yoga practises and techniques. This class focusses on activating energies within, often remaining dormant at the base of the spine until activated and channeled upward through the chakra system as a process of spiritual attainment.

by Swami Laya:

"We are in a very transformative time on our planet. All is evolving. In the last few decades, yoga has helped millions improve their self-concept. However just improving the body will not necessarily enable the mind to experience happiness nor to evolve. There is another deeper part of the personality that needs to be developed and that requires a different process, that process is Kundalini Yoga. 


Kundalini Yoga is a part of the tantric tradition. Tantra means expansion and liberation of the mind and solely focuses on this. Yoga is an offshoot of Tantra. Kundalini has the ability to activate the human consciousness in such a way that a person can develop his or her most beneficial qualities and enter a much more intimate relationship with nature, oneness and the inner experience. The inner experience is the manifestation of a deeper level of oneself.


Because Tantra is more a practical science rather than an intellectual one, you will be introduced to the chakras, kundalini and the mind in their subtle aspects. You will experience them for yourself and gain personal knowledge, Vidya that leads to true spiritual understanding. For true spiritual understanding dawns in a way that is often paradoxical and irrational to the intellect. 


As Kundalini Yoga has many levels and layers of understanding and experience and covers the transcendental philosophy, yogic physiology and yogic psychology, guidance proceeds, slowly, sensibly, systematically and pragmatically in its approach". 



For this class, preparation of mind and body is necessary. 

Kundalini Yoga is recommended for students who are dedicated to their practise and already attend 2 or more weekly classes with Swami Layananda.

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