Meet the Team

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Guy Dharma

Owner - Psychic - Teacher

Guy is a spiritual practitioner who brings peace and wisdom through truthful communication. He is a galactic soul who offers fascinating readings that will put your current  life experiences  remarkabley into context.

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Dharma Centre Co-ordinator

Vanessa is an experienced meditation practitioner with a love of community, family and spirituality. Vanessa co-facilitates Meditation classes and is available to help you with any of your enquiries regarding memberships & bookings.


Swami Layananda

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Swami Layananda has studied under many spiritual teachers through various schools. She is familiar with Tibetan and Hindu sutras, mantras and has received transmissions that connect her to Deities. Laya teaches the art of devotion and yoga to connect you with your higher self. 

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Michelle Dharma

Michelle is an inspiring teacher who has over 15 years experience as a psychic reader. Michelle has overcome life threatening auto-immune disorders naturally, and has had visions of Saints and Gurus from a young age, she sees auras, chakra and receives messages from her guides for you.

Owner - Psychic - Teacher


Justine Watt

Justine manages Rosebud Health Store & Cafe while overseeing the Dharma Centre Events.

-Justine has a background in Professional Events Management, Hairdressing and is currently studying to be a Functional Nutritionist!

Store Manager


Sharon Harriss

Sharon studied Nutrition at Endeavour College in Melbourne before transitioning to the Nutrition Academy to complete her studies. Sharon has a background in natural vet care too! As sisters, Sharon and Michelle share a close bond and a love of all things Health, Wellness & of course, Dharma. 

Funcitional Nutrition & Marketing


Swami Layananda Saraswati is an initiated swami of the Dashnami order of Sannyasa, the Rishi Tradition and is a practitioner and teacher of the Yogic, Tantric & Tibetan Arts.  Steeped in the ancient teachings of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta, she spent 15 years living a disciplined yogic lifestyle with her Guru, Paramahansa Satyananda Saraswati, A Master of Yoga. Here she practiced and learnt the many & varied techniques that gave her a wide range of techniques and experience working with individuals and groups. 


After 15 years of ashramic life, Layananda found balance in the modern world by using her teachings and knowledge where she integrated her study and practice, using these powerful tools to promote harmony and balance within herself while living in the fast-paced reality of modern living that was new to her. 


Known for her ability to transmit inner experience through transformative practices, she delved even deeper into the esoteric side of Yoga and Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism, finding the impressive array of psychological and physiological benefits that is possible for all aspirants.

Using a combination of these many and varied specialized techniques, allows Layananda to guide students to achieve a point of concentration, internal harmony, balance and a step closer to inner peace. Her style of teaching takes people to a deep level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She sees Yoga and Tantra as the force that can liberate the mind from bondage especially in this materialistic time frame the Kali Yuga, with mental stress at its highest.