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Capricorn and Aquarius are battling it out in the sky, in this our moment. See more on the Sky View Lite app. With Aquarius full speed ahead into our future, tail flying in flames ruled by Uranus, bold, brassy, breaking the old ways, daring us to go where anything is possible, communities standing together in a big way, bringing in the new. It can be a hell of a ride.

We are at the beginning of a new age and there are bound to be teething problems. With Capricorn in Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, heads will be rolling. With a tail end of love the earth, love us, love me, the awakening of spiritual individuality that we have all been waiting for. What is true and what is not true.

Capricorn with its rules and regulations, the old ways, money, power, greed just don’t have a chance nor a place in the new world consciousness. Full speed ahead born of Air, Aquarius, literally flying into a higher consciousness, born of independence, futuristic, one world, one heart, community minded, full of integrity, compassion in its essence, don’t get left behind. Rebellious Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius, the furthest planet that always wins, well, time to get a new surfboard and learn to ride the wave. With light literally pouring into the earth, upgrading the whole planet including us from the photon belt, a galactic energy, uncovering new planets, star systems, the world is spinning towards a new axis. Adaptability, resilience is at the forefront.

It’s time to awaken our spiritual heritage. It’s time to wake up the mind and awaken our inherent consciousness. Our inner potential is untapped. The mind is sorting, receiving, rejecting and analysing millions of visual, acoustical and bodily sensations, however much of our mental faculties and potential remain unused.

In our modern time connection has been broken. A new ecological and spiritual way of living, being and knowing, in harmony with nature’s intelligence. This is the next worldview shift of consciousness for a new future. Kinship cosmology, ethical choices, biodiversity, inspiring hope and creating change, we need to connect with the lost wisdom, where we are the caretakers of this planet. It is time to birth a new world consciousness and drive the whole system through the choices we make.

This spiritual heritage that is being reclaimed of which yoga is very much a part of. What makes it so powerful and effective is that it works on the wholistic principles of harmony and unification because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems that directly influence all the other systems and organs of the body. Yogic and meditation practices maintain health and wellbeing in our increasingly stressful and changing society. To put this into practice in our daily life towards contentment, harmony, a positive attitude and to raise awareness we need to dive into the infinite depths of the mind. All my classes focus on the above and more. There is a diversity of practices from yoga, yoga nidra, Dharana & Dhyana Meditation, Sound Healing, Kirtan, Yantras, Kids Dharma

, there is a place for everyone. If you need guidance in what classes would suit you, call me or make an appointment in one of my private sessions.


Sometimes we feel lost, at a crossroad in our life, not knowing what direction to take. The old ways just don’t serve us anymore and we seek guidance. This is a time to develop new skills, take action, get support, a time for goal setting whether it is in career, education, relationships or for self-improvement. Life is like a flower; every unfoldment is beautiful.


Working on a deeper level of the personality to balance, harmonize and raise the level of energy and vitality, to increase clarity of mind and bring peace to the heart. Techniques from prana vidya, chakra shuddhi and the healing arts of Tantra & Yoga, well these are powerful tools for change.

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