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Michelle and Guy each have over 20 years experience in teaching, practising and working professionally as spiritual teachers and mentors. They will be your guides through each topic.This class suits anyone interested in a knowledge based approach to spiritual concepts and application of  practical elements such as guided meditation and using techniques.  Course notes are provided to attendees, with a slide show for visual reference to material. Each session covers a different specialty topic. The aura, shamanism, chakras, crystal healing, psychic readings, predictions, ethics, connecting with spiritual purpose, mediumship, clearing the aura, philosophy, prayer, devotion and healing methods. 

The course is run on alternate Saturday's. Each day is $50

(Which covers 2 x 2hr sessions)​



Weekly online sessions - on going for 2021

Guy and Michelle will run weekly zoom classes on a variety of spiritual topics 8.30pm - 9.30pm every Wednesday continuously through 2021, to ensure consistency of teachings.

The topics will be listed online with the booking details. Cost is only $5. 

In person session return! 

Sessions are able to resume in store now. Previously sessions were divided into morning seminars and afternoons for $25 sessions each. Due to limited resources in administration support, we are keeping things simple in case lockdown resumes. Therefore we are listing the sessions below as day passes. Take a look below, check the topic you would like to attend, take note of the date for that session and then book via the link below.

Saturday classes are cancelled until further notice.

Spiritual Development Seminar


Please note we do not post the outline of all sessions online.

This is a guide for reference only.  

Crystal Seminar

Saturday 15th May 2021

10.00am Introduction & Welcome

10.00am Presentation - Introduction to Crystals. In this seminar we begin with a look at the history of crystals and semi-precious gems in context with ties to mystics and ancient spiritual practises and belief systems. Hear about the spiritual meanings connected to the more familiar crystals, including those that link to our chakra system. 

Learn how to select the right crystal for you. Understand their meanings and the messages they bring. We cover the spiritual functionality of crystals and how to use them in meditation, ceremony, healing for our family, friends and even our pets! 

You will also learn how to cleanse, charge and connect with crystals. 

12.00pm Lunch Break – See our café for a great selection of sandwiches, cakes, pies, salads, smoothies and fresh juices. 

Crystal Afternoon Workshop  

Saturday 15th May 2021

1.00pm Session resumes with a guided meditation. You are taken on a journey to connect with messages from sacred stones in the astral or the dream state.

1.30pm Activity: We introduce crystal oracle cards for readings and receive intuitive messages from crystals that we have brought to the workshop or stones that you are drawn to.

2.30pm Activity: Crystal Grid Making for enhanced intuition and healing.

3.00pm Close.

Temple Room, located at Rosebud Health Store

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Guy Dharma

Energy Healer, Past Life Readings.

Researcher (Sacred Knowledge).


Michelle Dharma

Psychic, Spiritual Teacher (Buddhist)

Meditation and Healing.