Saturday 6th March 2021


1.00pm Introduction & Welcome

1.15pm Presentation - Introduction to Crystals. In this seminar we begin with a look at the history of crystals and semi-precious gems in context with ties to mystics and ancient spiritual practises and belief systems. We look at how to know if a crystal is right for you, what messages they bring, the spiritual functionality of how to use them in meditation, ceremony and with friends, family and our pets! We discuss the benefits of crystals for enhancing our overall wellbeing and intuition. We also cover how to cleanse, charge and connect with our own crystals. 

3.00pm Break/Afternoon Tea

3.30pm Session Resumes with a guided meditation. You are taken on a journey to connect with messages from sacred stones in the astral or the dream state.

4.15pm Reading Crystals and receiving intuitive messages from crystals that we have brought to the workshop or stones that you are drawn to and bring the messages through.

4.00pm Activity: Crystal Grid Making for enhanced intuition and healing.

5.00pm Close.


Facilitated by Guy & Michelle Dharma

Cost: $75, includes afternoon tea from our Cafe.

(Sandwiches, Cake & Coffee).

You take home an empowered crystal, especially chosen for you from our workshop.

Coming in March 2021


Facilitated by Guy & Michelle Dharma

1.00pm Introduction and Welcome

1.15pm Presentation:

In this seminar we present topics and information about the fundamentals of spirituality from the astral and psychic perspective. We look at the varying methods of spiritual practise for opening the third eye and psychic abilities. We discuss mediumship, channelling, angels, crystals, fairies and animal spirits. We also delve deep into practises for spiritual safety and take a look at why psychic work can lead to burn out or even increased drama or problems in one’s life. Spiritual principles (morality) are covered in this seminar, as well as the Eastern teachings of meditation for the purpose of reaching enlightenment.

3.00pm Break/Afternoon Tea.

3.30pm We share techniques for reading the aura, receiving messages from spiritual masters and guides, energy healing and how to use pendulums and cards for readings.

4.00pm Meditation; connecting with your spirit guides.

4.30pm Activity: Aura readings, psychometry (reading personal objects) and using pendulums.

5.00pm Close.

Coming in April 2021


Facilitated by Guy & Michelle Dharma

Cost: $75, includes afternoon tea.

1.00pm Introduction and Welcome

1.15pm Presentation: ‘The nature of Karma’.

Eastern mysticism and many ancient civilisations acknowledge the cycles of death and rebirth in their teachings. In this seminar Guy and Michelle will break down the often complex topic of reincarnation, so that you gain greater understanding of the influencing factors that determine your rebirth and life purpose.

3.00pm Break, afternoon tea is provided

3.30pm Summary, Q & A.

4.00pm Guided Meditation; Auric Clearing & Cutting of ties. Channelled on the day to suit the audience.

4.00pm Past life readings by Guy & Michelle

5.00 Close.

Coming Soon!


Facilitated by Guy and Michelle Dharma

Cost: $75, includes afternoon Tea.

1.00pm Introduction and Welcome

1.15pm Presentation: ‘What on Earth!’

With global lockdowns in 2020, the Epstein crimes exposed and more recently the Social Media Senate Hearings and the Stock Market Crisis connected to Game Stop, many are questioning the darker motives behind the Global Elite’s stronghold on world affairs. This seminar discusses what is really happening and why. Initially, we will look at the overview of Global Conspiracies such MK Ultra, Chemtrails, 5G, Trans-humanism, The Q Material, Adrenochrome and more. Furthermore, we explore the notion that what is happening now is the result of the increasing of the love and truth vibrations on the Earth.

3.00pm Break, afternoon tea is provided.

3.30pm Presentation Resumes

4.00pm Summary, Q&A

4.30pm Positive timeline projections and meditation/visualisation activity.

5.00pm Close.


Facilitated by Guy and Michelle Dharma 

Cost: $75, includes afternoon tea.

1.00pm Introduction and Welcome

1.15pm Presentation: ‘Starseed Missions and your Galactic Heritage’

Overview of Galactic History & the ET Races that currently interacting with the Earth population at this time. We dive into the Pleadian narrative, the Orion Wars, Lyron ancestry, Andromedon Council and more.

2.15pm Break, afternoon tea is provided.

2.45pm Summary, Q & A.

3.00pm Guided Activity: Meditation - Meet your Galactic Family

4pm Galactic Heritage Readings by Guy & Michelle

5pm: Close.


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